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We excel in book writing expertise, yet we recognize the brilliance within your 'Mind Palace.' Bring your best-selling story ideas to us, and our award-winning experts will sculpt them into literary masterpieces, leaving your readers captivated. Completing your first book will pave the way for requests for more. Count on us as your trusted book publisher; our track record assures excellence in publishing your books, time and again.

  • Carefully listen to your ideas and vision
  • Thoroughly research your target audience
  • Create a complete book plan with deadlines
  • Pay attention to every minuscule detail
  • Keep you updated every step of the way
  • Don't take it as work since we love writing
  • Seamlessly self publish children’s book


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Streamlined Writing and Book Publishing Services: Transforming Your Ideas into Published Works.

Ghost Writing

We might have written that book, but that's not what your readers will know. It's your name that will go beside that best-selling tag!

Creative Writing

Let's take your already creative idea and combine it with our wild imagination. The results are going to blow your readers away.

EBook Writing

We, as a Children's Book Publisher, understand all the E-Words to ensure young readers adore your Children's E-Book. They'll definitely crave more.

Video Script Writing

Animations can never be impactful without the right words backing them up. Get your message across in the style and tone that sells!

Book Editing

The edit, copy, paste, and cut that your book needs to shine in the reader's eyes. Let us give it the finesse it needs to become a best-seller.

Book Marketing

No one's going to buy it if they don't know it exists. Let the world know your book is right here!

Book Publishing

Publishing a book with pristine pages and durable hard covers always stands out in sales—luckily, that's precisely what we excel in offering.

Book Cover Design

You see it before you read it. If the cover design fails to capture the targets' attention, you aren't going to sell much. We won't let that happen.

The Unparalleled Value of Professional Book Publisher:
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"I had always dreamed of writing a book but had no idea where to start. Olympia Book Writing took my ideas and turned them into a beautifully crafted manuscript. I couldn't be happier with the result!"

Leigh Duncan

"The team at Olympia Book Writing were incredibly easy to work with. They were professional and efficient, and their attention to detail really shone through in the final product."

Mark Ridgely

"I was blown away by the quality of the writing produced by Olympia Book Writing. I had high expectations, but they exceeded them in every way."

Dennis Lehane

"As someone who struggles with writing, I was relieved to find Olympia Book Writing. They worked with me every step of the way to ensure that the final product was exactly what I wanted."

Tom Sullivan

"I can't recommend Olympia Book Writing highly enough! They made the daunting task of writing a book feel manageable, and their expertise was evident throughout the entire process."

Lindsay Davis


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